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New Research Paper out on Denali


An automatic weather station (AWS) was installed on Denali Pass (5715 m MSL), Alaska, after a fatal accident in 1989.

An approximation of critical wind speed thresholds and a reanalysis-based reconstruction of the meteorological conditions during the 1989 accident confirm that the climbers faced extremely hazardous wind speeds and very low temperatures.

Arctic Sea Ice Extent: March 4, 2021

Over the past week, the sea ice has increased from last week by a rate of 3.82%, from the level on 02/25/2021 of 14.218 M km2 to 14.782 M km2 for this week.

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January 2021 Statewide Report and Cities Summary Available

Our monthly statewide report for January 2021 is available here.

Our monthly 9 cities summary can be found here.

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