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AK wildfire information and smoke forecasts

The Alaska wildfire activity almost ceased with the onset of more rainy weather in July. The UAF smoke page provides information on current fires as well as smoke forecasts.

Arctic Sea Ice Extent: September 17, 2020

September 17, 2020: Over the past week the sea ice has now increased slightly from the value last week by 0.29% from the level on 9/10/2020 of 3.763 M km2 to 3.774 M km2. Therefore, it looks like the summer melt season has ended and the sea ice extent for 2020 is now in the all-time 2nd place position for low Arctic sea ice extent.

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August 2020 Statewide Report and Cities Summary Available

Our monthly statewide report for August 2020 is available here.

Our monthly 9 cities summary can be found here.

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