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Sue Ann Bowling

Author of Homecoming


Published Articles:

Sheltie Roots: The Imports. Sheltie Pacesetter, March/April 1984, pp 16-20.

The Canadian Connection. Sheltie Pacesetter, September/October 1985, pp 10-17

The Ins and Outs of Winter (Dog care in Alaska). Sheltie Pacesetter, September/October 1985, pp 52-58

Rosslyn's Replica. Sheltie Pacesetter, March/April 1986, pp 18-21

With Neither Teena nor Chestnut Sweet Lady. Sheltie Pacesetter, May/June 1986, pp 10-14. Note that this article was mistitled as "The Teena Crosses," which actually appeared in the September/October issue.

The Teena Crosses. Sheltie Pacesetter, September/October 1986, pp 18-28.

Portrait Gallery of Early Shelties. Sheltie Pacesetter, November/December 1986, Pp 22-24.

Birth of the Blues. Sheltie Pacesetter, January/February 1987, pp 54-58

Register of Merit Sire Lines, the Trunk of the Sheltie Tree. Sheltie Pacesetter, March/April 1987, pp 34-42

Nutkin of Houghton Hill. Sheltie Pacesetter, September/October 1987, pp 8 17.

The Chestnut Cross I: The Helensdales and Sheltieland Thistle. Sheltie Pacesetter, May/June 1989, pp 18-30.

Book Chapters:

Chapter 10: "Lines, Families and Foundation Sires": in: The New Complete Shetland Sheepdog, by Maxwell Riddle, Howell, 1991. Also contributed to Chapters 8 and 18.

Chapter 13: "The Sheltie in North America": in: The Complete Shetland Sheepdog, by Margaret Norman, Ringpress, 1998.

Internet articles and page clusters on Shetland Sheepdogs:

Breed History
Register of Merit Shelties
Key Sheltie Imports
Merle Genetics
Collie Crosses
Banchory Pedigree Corrections

Essays on the Web

Of Biosensors and Buddy's Nose (Tracking)
Dot's Sheep (Herding)


Although written for the internet, some of these articles have been reprinted, sometimes in translation, in breed journals worldwide.

Basic Genetics
Population genetics
Inbreeding and line breeding
Coat Color Genetics in Dogs

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