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In addition to serious scientific articles for fellow atmospheric scientists, I have written a number of articles aimed at non-scientists or at scientists in other fields. Since retirement, I have also been writing fiction. I have grouped these into three categories: popular science, articles and essays on dog-related topics, and fiction.

My popular science articles cover a wide variety of topics. Many were originally written for The Alaska Science Forum, a series of weekly columns published by newspapers throughout Alaska and the Yukon Territory as a public education effort by the Geophysical Institute. Others were written for scientific journals with a broad readership, and are included here because I believe they have some broad interest beyond the atmospheric science community. Many are available directly on the Internet; for others the links provide only the abstracts or summaries.

In addition to popular science, I have written a number of articles on dogs and posted a considerable number of web pages on Shetland Sheepdogs, dog activities, and genetics, especially as it relates to dog breeding. A listing of these articles, with links to those available on the world wide web, is available.

Finally, I now have an author page for my fiction, focused on my first book.

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