Sue Ann Bowling Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Physics (Retired)
(Atmospheric Science)
Alaska Climate Research Center
Geophysical Institute and Physics Department
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Science Fiction Writer (since retirement)

Professional Interests:

Climate change: the connection between models and data
The Alaskan historical climate record: How good is it and what can it tell us?
Fairbanks daily Temperature and precipitation values and plots
Historical climate data (monthly) for Alaskan stations
Snow Melt: what causes the year-to-year differences?
The Milankovitch cycle and glaciation
Is it warming up in Alaska?

The Arctic Air Mass
The Arctic Front and its perturbations
Arctic Haze

High-Latitude Vertical Temperature Structure
Climatology of the Arctic inversion
The polar-night ground inversion
High-latitude air pollution
Ice fog

Scientific Publications
Popular Articles
Other Websites authored

Personal Interests:

Dogs: Shetland Sheepdogs and Border Collies
Color Genetics in Animals
My Family Genealogy


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