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Map of Shemya

Shemya Island, USGS Attu map sheet, lines are 6 miles apart and contour interval is 200 feet.

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Shemya Station History

Located in far western Aleutians (beyond 180 degreesW), on small island about 40 miles E of Attu I. Current coordinates 52 degrees 43' N, 174 degrees 6' E, elevation 122 feet. Opened as USAF station 6/21/43, standard instruments, thermometer height 4 feet. Moved 0.7 miles WNW and 11 feet uphill to air freaight dock 4/21/45. Moved 1500 feet E and up 19 feet to Air Force Tower 5/1/45, thermometer height 171 feet (probably roof location). Move 0.3 miles W back down to freight dock 12/20/45, shelter at 24 feet. Shelter moved to freight dock roor, 104 feet above ground, 7/1/50. LCD shows move not in coded data: 4000 feet ESE to Air Force Weather Office Base Operations Office 6/20/52. This move is not listed in coded data, nor are elevation or instrument heights given in LCD. In any event there are only 7 months of temperature data in 1954 and none 1955-57. Moved half mile WNW to Air Force Weather Office, K building, 7/7/55, new elevation 87 feet, instrument heights 20 feet. Move o.3 miles ESE to Northwest Airlines Operations Office 12/1/55, ground elevation 92 feet, thermometer height 5 feet. Temperature lowered to 4 feet 1/1/56. Note in LCD says Max min temperature and precipitation measurements terminated 1/1/57. Move 0.3 miles NE and 30 feet uphill with change to Navy Weather Observer 6/27/58, at which time it appears that max/min temperature obs were resumed. Became first order Weather Bureau station 9/1/59; temperature measured at 6 feet. Temperature lowered to 5 feet 5/8/61. Observations taken over by USAF 9/11/69; HO6 hygrothermometer installed. LCD publication dropped 4/27/73, resumed 8/1/78.

Observation time midnight throughout.

Observer primarily USAF.

Length of record moderate, data continuity fair except for 1954 - 58 period: 4 months missing in 1973 and one in 1989. Site continuity probably acceptable for stormy climate, but not very good in absolute terms.

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Shemya Temperature History

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