City Summary Archive

Fairbanks February 2013

In Fairbanks the average temperature for February was -1.4°F, just 0.1°F below the long-term mean of -1.3°F. The highest temperature was a nice 29°F on the 9th, while the lowest temperature for the month was frigid -43°F on the 19th. The month started off continuing the warming trend from January, experienced a cold snap around the 19th, then moved to near normal for the end of the month. No new record temperature events were recorded.
Precipitation was above normal in February with a total of 0.48", a slight 0.06" above the expected value of 0.42". Snowfall totaled 10.7" for the month, 2.6" above normal. Snow depth was near normal for February. The mean wind speed was 2.9 mph, with a maximum gust of 19 mph on the 15th, blowing from a westerly direction.

Anchorage February 2013

Anchorage was warmer than normal in February, with an average temperature of 24.7°F, 4.5°F above the expected temperature. The maximum temperature (39°F) occurred on the 4th and 10th, while the minimum temperature (4°F) occurred on the 19th. February temperatures tended to warmer than normal with the exception of a few days around the 18th.
Precipitation was high at 1.23", 71% above the normal of 0.72". Snowfall totaled 16.5", 5.6" above the expected amount. The average wind speed was 5.3 mph, with a maximum wind speed of 37 mph reported on the 10th, blowing from a southerly direction.

Barrow February 2013

For Barrow, February had a below normal mean temperature with a value of ‑18.3°F, a deviation of 4.1°F below the normal of -14.2°F. Temperatures started the month around average, then stayed mostly below normal till the 23rd of the month. The lowest temperature (-39°F) occurred on the 7th, while the highest temperature (-6°F) was reported on the 28th.
Precipitation in Barrow (0.07") was light at just 50% of the normal value of 0.14". The average wind speed was 13.9 mph, while the maximum gust (45 mph) occurred on the 23rd, blowing from an easterly direction.

Big Delta February 2013

In Delta Junction the mean temperature for February (7.7°F) was 2.8°F above the long-term normal of 4.9°F. A balmy 40°F, was observed on the 10th, the highest temperature. The lowest temperature of was a chilly -34°F observed on the 19th. Temperatures varied throughout the month, with a warm spell around the 10th, and a cold spell around the 20th.
Precipitation was below average with a reported total of 0.19", 68% of the expected amount of 0.28".

Juneau February 2013

The average temperature in Juneau for February was 35.5°F, 5.4°F above the long-term mean of 30.1°F, and was the sixth warmest February on record. The maximum temperature of the month was 43°F on the 9th, while the minimum was 22°F which occurred on the 5th. Temperatures were quite consistent with small diurnal variation, and stayed above normal for nearly all of the month.
Like January, February's total precipitation was heavier than normal at 6.61", 60% above the expected amount of 4.13". Precipitation was recorded on days except the 25th. Total snowfall for the month was 1.4", 15.4" below normal. Due to the warmer than normal temperatures, less precipitation fell as snow than expected, which explains the above normal precipitation, but the significantly below normal snowfall. The average wind speed was 11.3 mph, and the maximum wind speed of 48 mph occurred on the 27th, blowing from a southeasterly direction.

Ketchikan February 2013

Ketchikan reported an average temperature this February of 38.9°F, 3.1°F above the long-term mean of 35.8°F. The maximum temperature for the month was 47°F, which occurred on the 14th and 15th, while the minimum (30°F) was reported on the 24th. Temperatures stayed around normal for most of the month.
Precipitation was heavy, totaling 19.75", or 88% above the long term mean of 10.53".

King Salmon February 2013

In King Salmon the average temperature for February was 23.0°F, 4.2°F above the long-term mean of 18.8°F. Temperatures started the month significantly above normal, then cooled at mid month for a few days, and afterward stayed around normal till the end of the month. The minimum temperature (-14°F) for the month was reported on the 18th, while the maximum temperature occurred on the 3rd at 43°F.

King Salmon experienced a greater than normal amount of precipitation with a total of 1.93", 0.76", or 154%, above the long-term mean. Total monthly snowfall was 27.9", 6.0" above normal. Fueling this high snowfall were three record events. The first event occurred on the 7th when 2.9" of snow fell, breaking the 2.6" record from 1966. Then on the 12th, 3.5" came down, topping the 1.8" record from 2006. Finally, the 19th saw 5.7" of snow, replacing the 1964 record of 3.1". The average wind speed was 9.4 mph, and the highest gust of 49 mph occurred on the 9th, blowing from an easterly direction.

Kodiak February 2013

Kodiak was warmer than normal for February, with a mean temperature of 32.6°F, 1.8°F above the expected mean of 30.8°F. With the exception of a few cold days, temperatures tended to be at or above normal for most of February. The maximum temperature for the month (42°F) was observed on the 5th, 7th and 9th. The minimum temperature was a 16°F, reported on the 16th.

Precipitation was near average with a total of 6.65", 0.51" above the expected amount of 6.14". The 1.73" of rain that fell on the 1st was a new record, topping the record of 1.46" from way back in 1941. Snowfall was a bit heavy at 19.0”, 3.9" above normal. The average wind speed was 9.8 mph, while the highest wind gust occurred on the 17th at 60 mph, blowing from a northwesterly direction.

Nome February 2013

Nome had a mean temperature for February of -0.3°F, a substantial 7.7°F below the normal value of 7.4°F. Temperatures varied considerably, with two cold spells during the second half of the month. The maximum temperature was reported at 27°F on the 10th. The minimum temperature for the month was observed on the 25th at a chilly -30°F.

February had below normal precipitation with a total of 0.36". This is 39% of the normal amount of 0.93". Snowfall was also light with a total of 7.5", 61% of the normal of 12.2". The average monthly wind speed was 7.3 mph, while the maximum wind speed was 41 mph, and occurred on the 20th of the month, blowing from a northeasterly direction.