City Summary Archive

Fairbanks March 2013

Fairbanks had a mean temperature of 7.1°F, or 4.3°F cooler than the normal mean March temperature. A warm 45°F on the 29th was the highest temperature of the month, while the coldest temperature of the month (-30°F) was observed just two days previously on the 27th. March overall was a cold month for Fairbanks, with only 9 days being warmer than normal.

Precipitation was only slightly above normal, a mere 4%, or 0.1" above the normal amount of 0.26" water-equivalent. Snow depth was also near normal; 6.2" was recorded, or 1.3" above the expected value of 4.9. The average wind speed was 3.7 mph, while the greatest wind speed was recorded on the 13th with 41 mph, blowing from a northeasterly direction.

Anchorage March 2013

Anchorage was slightly chillier than usual for the month, with a mean monthly temperature of 24.5°F compared to the normal 26.6°F. Temperature trends varied throughout the month, gradually growing warmer, than colder, repeating this pattern, ending the month with warmer temperatures. The coldest temperature was observed on the 27th at -1°F, just before a general temperature warming that finished off the month. The warmest temperature occurred on the 8th, at 44°F.

Precipitation was over double the normal amount, 1.37" were observed, 228% of the normal amount. On the 24th, both the daily record in Anchorage for snowfall and precipitation were broken, with 5.8" of snow, and 0.42" of precipitationrespectively. Monthly snowfall was measured at 31.0", and the average wind speed was 6.3 mph. The fastest wind speed for the month was 47 mph, from the northeast, observed on the 12th.

Barrow March 2013

 Barrow had the distinction of being the only station with a positive deviation from normal, ending up 5.3°F warmer than the expected -12.7°F. On the 11th the warmest temperature for the month was observed, at 12°F, while the coldest temperature occurred on the 23rd, a chilly -34°F.

Precipitation was much higher than normal, 0.52" water-equivalent or 556% of the normal amount, and snowfall was 15.8". On the 26th, the daily record for snow and precipitation was broken, with 3.1" and 0.27" respectively. The greatest wind speed was measured on 8thof March at 51 mph, blowing from an east northeasterly direction, while the average wind speed was 15.5 mph.

Big Delta March 2013

In Delta Junction the mean monthly temperature was 12.6°F, 1.5°F below the normal value. The warmest observed temperature for the month was 43°F which was recorded on the 7th and 8th of the month, a time period of strong southerly flow. During a colder period at the end of the month, the lowest temperature was observed on the 27th, a chilly -22°F.

Precipitation was only slightly below normal, with 0.17" water-equivalent, 94% of the expected value. For the most part, only trace amounts were observed, with a small 0.06" recorded on the 24th, being the greatest daily amount of precipitation observed for the month.

Juneau March 2013

In Juneau the mean March temperature was 29.7°F, 4.1°F cooler than normal. The minimum temperature for the month was 8°F, on the 22nd. Two days prior on the 20th, a record low temperature for the day was observed, at 9°F.  The maximum temperature for the month was observed on the 29th, at 43°F.

Precipitation was only 62% of the long-term normal amount, reaching 2.36". Snowfall was also less than normal with 9.4" recorded, or 2.2" less than the expected amount. The average wind speed was 3.7 mph, while the highest wind speed was 36 mph from the northeast, observed on the 13th.

Ketchikan March 2013

The mean temperature of Ketchikan was near normal, 37.3°F, or a mere 0.5°F cooler than normal. The warmest temperature for the month was 50°F, observed on the last day of March, while the minimum temperature was 26°F, recorded on both the 6th and 7th.

Precipitation in Ketchikan was about half as the expected amount, with 5.73" recorded, compared to the normal value of 10.89".

King Salmon March 2013


King Salmon was also colder than normal, with a mean temperature for the month of 21.3°F, -2.8°F from the normal value of 24.1°F. Overall, temperatures cooled during the middle of the month, and started to rise again toward the end. The highest temperature was observed on the 7th, at 43°F, while the lowest was a chilly -18°F on the 26th.

Precipitation was slightly over double what was to be expected, with 1.50" observed for the month, with two new daily records set for precipitation. On the 28th, 0.31" fell, breaking the 1991 record of 0.19", and on the 30th 0.36" fell, replacing the old 1969 record of 0.17". Likewise, snowfall was heavier than normal, with 11.3" recorded for the month, or 4.9" more than expected. The average wind speed was 9.0 mph, with 61 mph being the greatest wind speed, coming from the east on the 7th.

Kodiak March 2013


Kodiak was only slightly cooler than normal, with a mean temperature for the month of 31.9°F, or only 0.9°F below the normal of 32.8°F. For the most part of March, temperatures were close to normal in Kodiak, although there was a slightly chillier 3-day spell starting on the 26th. The highest temperature was recorded on the 30th, at 44°F, while the coldest temperature of the month was observed 4 days prior, at 12°F.

Precipitation in Kodiak was less than expected, with 4.47", or 1.06" below the normal amount. Despite the lessened precipitation, snowfall was actually slightly above normal, with 11.7" falling, or 0.4" more than the expected amount. The average wind speed was 10.2 mph, with the highest wind speed occurring on the 7th, at 53 mph, blowing from the southeast.

Nome March 2013

Nome observed a mean temperature for March of 8.5°F, or 1.8°F below the normal mean of 10.3°F. Temperatures started warmer at the beginning of the month, followed by a cold spell around the middle, and finally warming again at the end of the month. The warmest temperature observed was 33°F on 5th, while the coldest was -21°F on the 27th.

Precipitation for the month was near normal with 0.64" recorded, just a mere 0.01" less than the expected amount. Similarly snowfall was also near normal, with 9.1" recorded, just 0.2" more than expected. The highest wind speed for the month was 40 mph on the 14th, blowing from the northeast, while the average speed was 6.5 mph.