City Summary Archive

King Salmon February 2011

King Salmon reported an average temperature of 16.9°F, 1.3°F above the long term mean. The high temperature for February was 41°F, recorded on the 8th, and the lowest temperature was -9°F on the 17th. The precipitation total was 0.64", 11% below normal levels. Snowfall totaled 11.0", 72% above normal. Average wind speed was 9.9 mph and the highest gust was recorded at 47 mph on the 24th.

Nome February 2011

Nome reported a mean monthly temperature of 6.2°F, just 0.5°F above normal. The maximum temperature reported on the 24th was 33°F and the minimum temperature for the month was -30°F recorded on the 11th. Precipitation was above the mean for the third month in a row, totaling 1.23", 64% above normal. A total of 26.6" of snowfall was measured in February, an amount three times greater than the long-term mean of just 8.6". A daily record snowfall was reported on the 15th of 5.0", breaking the 2009 snowfall record of 3.5" and on the 20th, another record of 6.4" was recorded that eclipsed the old record of 4.0" set in 1918. The average wind speed at the Nome Airport station was 11.0 mph, and the highest gust was reported as 53mph on the 24th.

Fairbanks January 2011

In Fairbanks the average temperature was -6.0°F, 3.7°F above the long term mean for January. The high temperature for the month was 41°F on the 2nd, which tied the old record for that day set in 1937. The lowest temperature of the month was -42°F on the 22nd and 23rd. Precipitation for January was measured at 0.19", 66% below normal and the snowfall total was 3.1", 70% below normal for the month. Wind speed averaged 1.8 mph at the airport, with the highest wind gust measured at 26 mph on the 2nd.

Anchorage January 2011

Anchorage Weather Forecast Office recorded an average temperature of 17.8°F, 2.0°F greater than normal. The high temperature for the month was 45°F on the 1st and the low was -12°F on the 16th. Precipitation was reported at 0.56", 18% below normal for January and snowfall measured 7.3", 19% below normal for the month. Also reported for January at the Anchorage WFO, an average wind speed of 5.2 mph and a gust of 44 mph, recorded on the 12th.

Barrow January 2011

For the 6th consecutive month, Barrow has reported an average temperature above the long-term mean. The average in January was -9.7°F, this is a full 4.0°F above average. The warmest temperature for the month was 33°F on the 9th, a record high temperature, smashing the old record of 25°F set in 1930. Barrow also set a second high temperature record the following day, the 10th, of 28°F, breaking the old record of 26°F set in 1993. The lowest temperature for the month was -45°F recorded on the 24th. Precipitation in Barrow was measured at 0.22", 83% above normal for January and snowfall was 6.2", far surpassing the normal snowfall amount of 2.0". The average wind speed was 11.7 mph, and the highest gust, reported on the 2nd, was 51 mph.

Big Delta January 2010

Delta Junction reported a mean temperature of 4.7°F, a significant 7.2°F above the long term mean and considerably different from the December 2010 average of -14.0°F. The high temperature for the month was 52°F on the 1st, which was a new record high temperature; the old record was 46°F set in 1981. Coincidentally, the next record high was on the 2nd at 51°F, the old record having been 46°F set in 1981. The next two record high temperatures were set on the 4th and the 5th. The 4th recorded a max of 44°F, beating the old record of 35°F set in 1957. The max temperature on the 5th was 38°F, topping the old record of 32°F also set in 1957. The monthly low was -32°F on the 23rd. Precipitation was minimal, reporting only 0.13", 58% below normal.

Juneau January 2011

At the Juneau Airport station, the average temperature was 28.2°F, 2.5°F above normal for January. The maximum temperature for the month was 43°F on the 26th, which was also a new record for that date, the old record was 42°F set in 1986. The low for the month was 4°F on the 14th and the 15th. Precipitation was near the mean, with a total of 5.26", just 9% above normal. Snowfall, however, was below normal by 46% for the month measuring just 15.5", most of which occurred on the 19th, when a new record was set of 8.1", replacing the old record of 6.2" set in 2005. Average wind speed at Juneau Airport was 8.4 mph with a high wind gust of 48 mph on the 14th. Of note, however, is the 88 mph wind gust recorded at South Douglas Island in association with a Taku wind event on the 12th of the month. Taku winds affect the Juneau Borough area and Northern Admiralty Island Zone and it is not unusual for this type of event to generate very high winds (60 to 100 mph) along the interior passes, and through the Juneau area.

Ketchikan January 2011

Again, as last month, Ketchikan's average temperature was close to normal, at 34.6°F, just 1.0°F above the long-term mean. The highest temperature of the month was 46°F which occurred on both the 22nd and 26th, and the low temperature of 16°F also occurred on multiple days, the 11th, 13th and 14th. Precipitation was high and 14.89" was recorded for the month, 25% greater than the mean of 11.94". Snowfall was not measured at this location.

King Salmon January 2011

King Salmon reported an average temperature of 19.9°F, a notable 4.5°F above the long term mean. A 43°F high temperature for January was recorded on the 1st and the 29th, and the lowest temperature reached -15°F on the 17th. The precipitation total was 1.31", 27% above normal levels. Snowfall was in the normal range this month, at 9.9", just 1% below the long term mean. Average wind speed was 8.6 mph and the highest gust was recorded at 56 mph on the 19th.