City Summary Archive

Anchorage January 2010

The mean temperature in Anchorage was 18.5°F, 2.7°F above normal and the monthly high and low temperatures were 33°F on the 7th and 1°F on the 2nd. With warmer than normal conditions, heating degree-days were 82dd below the average of 1526 for the month. Precipitation totals were 0.65”, 0.03” short of the mean. 10.9” of snowfall was reported at the airport, 21% more than normal, and 14” of snow was on the ground at the end of the month.

Barrow January 2010

Barrow's average temperature was -16.0°F, 2.3°F cooler than normal and temperatures ranged from -43°F below on the 19th to 9°F above on the 25th. Heating degree-days were a bit more than normal with 2509dd for the month, 69dd more than normal for January. Precipitation recorded this month was 0.03”, 25% of the mean for the month. Snowfall totaled 2.4”, which was just about normal for January in Barrow, and 12 inches were on the ground at the end of the month.

Big Delta January 2010

The average January temperature in Big Delta was -3.1°F, this was only one half of a degree below normal. The high temperature was 24°F on the 29th and the low was -38°F on the 11th. Heating degree-days totaled 2113 for the month, 14dd more than the average of 2099. Precipitation was normal for the month.

Juneau January 2010

Juneau had an average temperature of 29.6°F this month, 3.9°F higher than the average monthly mean. The high temperature was 44°F on the 8th, and the low was 9°F on the 1st. Heating degree-days were 127dd less than the 1219 usually seen in the month of January. 4.79” of precipitation fell in January, within range of normal for the month. Snowfall totaled out to 20.4”, 71% of the long-term mean, but by the end of the month there was nothing left on the ground.

Ketchikan January 2010

Ketchikan is the highlight this January, breaking two temperature records and two precipitation records. On the 11th of the month a high temperature of 50°F tied the 1981 record high temperature, and on the 20th of January, the high temperature reached 55°F, breaking the old record of 51°F that had been set in 1995. The mean temperature for the month was 40.2°F, a full 6.6°F higher than the mean. Precipitation in Ketchikan totaled 22.62” this month, almost doubling the normal amount of precipitation. A record amount of rain fell on the 9th, at 2.50”, followed by 6.02” on the 10th. The previous records were 2.4” and 2.27” respectively. This rainfall event prompted the NWS to issue a small stream flood advisory, on the afternoon of the 10th, after a Weather Spotter had observed ponding on the Tongass Highway and alerted state troopers to the hazard. Heating degree-days were only 465dd in January, the mean being 973, less than half the normal amount. No snow was reported in Ketchikan this month.

King Salmon January 2010

The average temperature in King Salmon was 15.4°F, normal for January. The low for the month was -11°F on the 23rd while the high was 42°F on the 5th. Heating degree-days totaled 1531 this month, just 7dd shy of normal. Precipitation was recorded at 0.50”, 49% of the monthly mean. Snowfall was recorded at 3.9”, 40% of normal for January, and by the end of the month there was only a trace of snow on the ground.

Nome January 2010

The average temperature in Nome was 1.6°F, 4.2°F below normal for January. The high for the month was 26°F, which occurred on the 29th and the low of -28°F fell on the 21st. Due to the cold, heating degree-days were 128dd more than normal with 1964 for the month. 0.16” of precipitation was recorded on Nome this month, which is only 17% of average. Snowfall was reported on 9 days and totaled 3.3”, which is only 25% of normal. Only 15” of snow was on the ground by the start of February.