City Summary Archive

Juneau July 2010

The mean monthly temperature in Juneau was 54.7°F, 2.0°F below normal for the month.  The high temperature was 76°F on the 8th, and the low was 45°F on the 27th.  The recorded precipitation for July was 4.14", 84% of normal. The greatest one-day precipitation total was 0.91 on the 23rd.  Winds averaged 5.2 mph at the airport and on the 22nd a peak gust of 36 mph was reported.

Ketchikan July 2010

Average temperature in Ketchikan was 59.1°F, 2.3°F above the average for July. A high of 81°F was recorded on the 8th, and on the 1st, a low of 46°F was reported.  Precipitation during the month was measured at 2.77", 56% of normal for the month.  The highest one-day total was 1.50" on the 23rd

King Salmon July 2010

In King Salmon, the average temperature was 51.6°F, 3.8°F below the average of 55.4°F.  A high of 67°F was recorded on the 17th and the low was 37°F also on the 17th. Precipitation measured 3.30" this month, 53% above normal.  The greatest one-day precipitation total was 0.67" on the 25th, which also set a new record for that day.  The old record was 0.57" set in 1955. Winds at the airport averaged 7.7 mph and on the 9th the highest gust of 40 mph occurred. 

Nome July 2010

52.0°F was the average temperature in Nome during July, close, but still below the normal temperature of 52.1°F.  The reported high was 79°F on the 10th and the low was 34°F on the 15th. Precipitation for the month was measured at 2.14", normal for the month. The largest one-day total was 0.39" on the 27th.   Winds averaged 6.1 mph at the airport and a gust of 35 mph occurred on the 11th.

Fairbanks June 2010

The average temperature for the month in Fairbanks was 59.8°F, which is close to the normal average temperature of 60.3°F.  The high temperature was 79°F on the 2nd, and the low was 46°F on the 14th.  A total of 1.35" of precipitation was recorded, which is close to normal for the month.  Winds averaged 3.7 mph and the highest gust was 30 mph on the 1st.

Anchorage June 2010

Anchorage reported an average temperature of 54.3°F, just a half degree below normal.  The highest temperature for the month was 70°F on the 2nd and the low for the month was 41°F on the 5th and the 12th.  Precipitation was measured at 1.21", which is 14% greater than normal for June.  Winds averaged 7.5 mph and the highest gust was 40 mph.

Barrow June 2010

Average temperature in Barrow this June was 34.0°F, slightly below the average of 34.9°F.  The high temperature for the month was 50°F on the 28th and the low temperature was 28°F on the 1st, 2nd, 4th 5th and 25th.  The total precipitation for the month was 0.17", 45% below normal. The last day with reportable snow depth (>=0.1") was on the 14th, although traces of snow remained through the 19th. Winds averaged 14.7 mph and the highest gust reported was 39 mph on June 6th

Big Delta June 2010

56.8°F was the average temperature for Big Delta this month, only 0.6°F below normal.  The high temperature was 74°F recorded on the 2nd, 24th and 25th and the recorded low was 42°F on the 10th.  Total precipitation was reported at 3.77", 58% above normal for June.   The highest one-day total was 0.85" on the 12th, which set a new record for that day.

Juneau June 2010

The mean monthly temperature in Juneau was 53.9°F, normal for June.  The high temperature was 72°F on the 20th, and the low was recorded at 40°F on the 28th. The recorded precipitation for the month was 4.05", 21% above normal. Two precipitation records were set this month, 0.83" was recorded on the 23rd, topping the old record of 0.72" in 1990, and the second new record was 1.29" set on the 24th surpassing the old record of 0.83" set in 1971.  Winds averaged 7.3 mph at the airport and on the 12th a peak gust of 43 mph was reported.