City Summary Archive

Barrow July 2011

Barrow reported an average temperature in July of 41.9°F, 1.5°F above normal, the highest positive deviation of the 8 cities in this summary. The maximum temperature occurred on the 19th with 62°F, and the lowest temperature of 32°F was observed on the 1st and 9th of July. In general, the temperatures during the whole month were close to normal, with the exceptions of the 19th and 20th, when the daily temperatures were notably above normal values. No new records were observed during July.

Precipitation in Barrow totaled 1.16", 33% above the normal value. The mean monthly wind speed was 12.4 mph and a gust of 37 mph occurred on the 12th.

Big Delta July 2011

Big Delta reported a mean temperature of 58.5°F, which is exactly 1.0°F above the long-term mean temperature for July. The high temperature of the month never reached 80°F; 79°F was the maximum observed on the 23rd. And the low temperatures for the month occurred on 19th with 43°F. No new extreme temperatures were observed during this month. Precipitation totaled 2.89", 21% above the expected amount. As was the case for temperatures, no new precipitation extremes were set.

Juneau July 2011

In Juneau, the average temperature was 55.9°F, slightly (-0.9°F) below normal for July. The maximum temperatures for the month was 77°F, occurring on the 11th, while the minimum of 45°F was observed on the 21st and 30th. In general, the temperature tracked fairly closely to the long-term mean and no new extremes were reported.

Precipitation totaled 3.51", 15% below normal. Sky cover averaged 80%, with 23 cloudy days. Average wind speed at Juneau Airport was 7.0 mph with a high wind gust of 30 mph on the 5th.

Ketchikan July 2011

Ketchikan's average temperature of 56.8°F in July was 0.9°F below the long-term mean. The highest temperature of the month measured 77°F on the 12th, while the low temperature of 46°F occurred on the 21st of the month. While the mean monthly temperature was somewhat below the expected value, nevertheless the daily values followed fairly closely the long-term mean. No new temperature records were observed.


Monthly precipitation was measured at 11.94", nearly twice the expected amount. Remarkable was the 1st of the month, with an amount of 3.69", setting a new record for this day. It surpasses the old record by about 1/3, which was set in 1917 at 2.49".

King Salmon July 2011

King Salmon reported an average temperature of 52.0°F, a substantial 3.7°F below the long term mean. The high temperature for July was 73°F, recorded on the 11th and the lowest temperature was 37°F on the 5th. No new temperature extremes were observed during July.

The precipitation total was measured as 2.20", very close to the normal of 2.15". Average wind speed was 8.7 mph and the highest gust was recorded at 41 mph on the 11th.

Nome July 2011

Nome reported a mean monthly temperature in July of 48.6°F, a substantial deviation of 4.0°F below the long term mean. The warmest monthly temperature was a low 62°F observed on the 21st of July, while the coldest temperature was a light frost (31°F), which occurred on the 4th of the month. No new temperature extremes were observed during July.

Precipitation was very high, totaling 4.27", twice the expected amount. The average wind speed for the month was 9.0 mph, and the highest gust observed was 43 mph on the 5th.

Fairbanks June 2011

In Fairbanks the average temperature was 60.4°F, 0.7°F above the long term mean for June. The high temperature for the month was 88°F on the 25th of June. This high temperature caused a large number of thunderstorms, and 4,300 lightning strikes were reported during the day, and they generated 10 new wildfires. The lowest temperature was 43°F observed on the 10th of the month. In general it was found that the daily temperatures for the month were close to normal, and no new daily records, be it maxima or minima, were observed during the month of June. Precipitation for June was high with a total of 1.77", 26% above the expected value. Substantially more precipitation was recorded in the upper Chena Basin: large variations are typical for the summer season for the Interior region, due to shower activity caused by thunderstorms, which are more patchy than precipitation due to frontal activity. The Chena River was close to flood stage, and on the Salcha River some minor flooding did occurr. Wind speed averaged 4.7 mph and the highest gust was 32 mph on the 12th.

Anchorage June 2011

Anchorage recorded an average temperature of 54.0°F, 0.7°F below normal. The highest temperature for June was 70°F on the 24th and the low of 41°F occurred on the 17th. No temperature records were set during the month, and the observed temperatures closely followed fairly the expected values. Precipitation was reported at 1.19", which represents 12% above the expected value. An average monthly wind speed of 7.4 mph and a high gust of 44 mph on the 18th were recorded.

Barrow June 2011

Barrow has reported an average temperature in June of 35.2°F, just slightly (0.2°F) above the long-term mean. The warmest temperatures for the month was 52°F on the 17th and the lowest temperature of 26°F occurred on the 12th of June. In general, the daily temperatures during the whole month were close to normal and no new records were observed. The average minimum temperature was 31.1°F, just slightly be low the freezing point. Precipitation in Barrow totaled 0.54", 69% above the normal value of 0.32". Snowfalls were recorded on 12 days of the month for a total accumulation of 0.8". It is also worth nothing that for the snow year (July 1st 2010 to June 30th 2011) Barrow received 64.6" of snow, more than double the long term mean of 28.5". The mean monthly wind speed was measured as 14.7 mph, with a gust of 38 mph occurring on the 3rd June.