Tycho - The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Tycho's Breeder: Marian Oxenham...of Shoreline, Washington

Tycho with his toy friends - somewhat nervous
Picture A

Tycho with his toy friends - seems more at ease
Picture B

This Ruby variety male dog was born in Seattle, WA on 19 November 1995.
Picture 1

Tycho's mother is the Ruby, his aunt the Black and Tan, and his grandmother the Blenheim.
Picture 2

Tycho at about 2 months old. He appears worried about Alaskan winters.
Picture 3

Tycho reflecting about the world.
Picture 4

Tycho's girlfriends Jasper and Tiaga (Siberian Husky) with Nyka.
Picture 5

Tycho finally relaxing a bit. What's up doc?
Picture 6

At about 8 months old, Tycho is fully grown with a nice coat of hair.
Picture 7

Kodiak (9 years old) and Tycho sharing resources
Picture 8

Tycho knows what quality eating is all about.
Picture 9

Dogs exploring the Alaska tundra
Picture 10

Dogs and wife Lin taking a break after a hike
Picture 11

The dogs favorite travel positions
Picture 12

At a quiet moment
Picture 13

Tycho's endorsement
Picture 14

Tycho & Kodiak waiting for something
Picture 15

Tycho & Kodiak camping in the Snowy Mountains, WYOMING Aug 98
Picture 16

Tycho atop Medicine Bow Peak, WY, 12,013 feet, 24 August 1998
Picture 17

Kodiak and Tycho on Kodiak's 12th birthday, 20 February 1999. Kodiak's breeder says he could easily live until his 20!
Picture 18

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Last updated: 22 November 1999