Map of Adak Area
Adak station history
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Map of Adak Area

USGS Map of Adak area, Map sheet Adak, 1957 with limited revisions 1983. Large squares are townships, 6 miles on a side; elevations in feet.

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Adak Station History

Located in Aleutians, about halfway between tip of Alaska Peninsula and westernmost Alaska. Airport is 4-6 miles SE of Mt Moffett, a Pleistocene volcanic cone, in an area where the E-W width of the island is of the order of 5 miles.. Current coordinates 51 degrees 53' N, 176 degrees 39' W, elevation 17 feet, AAG p 141. Station begun by US Navy at 15' elevation 10/1/42, run through present. No information on instrument heights prior to 1950, when temperature ht was 5 feet. Station moved 0.2 miles N and 2 feet up 6/13/59; instruments raised to 11 feet at that time. Move 0.1 mile SW 8/18/1960 and temperature returned to 5 feet. Hygro added at that time. Max-min thermometers removed 1/11/71; hygro presumably source of data from some time in sixties.

Observation time midnight except 8/18/60 to 7/1/67. when observations were taken at 8 pm.

Observer U.S. Navy.

Record length moderate, data coverage moderate with major gaps early 70's and early 80's, site continuity fairly good.

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Adak Temperature History

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