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Map of Cold Bay

Map of Cold Bay area and Thornbrough Air Force Base, USGS Cold Bay map sheet, 1943 revised 1975. Squares are townships, 6 miles on a side, elevations in feet.

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Cold Bay Station History

Located on the west shore of Cold Bay, a broad inlet almost completely crossing the Alaska Peninsula near its western tip. Frosty Peak rises over 5000 feet around 8 miles to the SW. Current coordinates 55 degrees 12' N, 162 degrees 43' W, elevation 96 feet. Opened by U.S. Army (Fort Randall) 2/17/1942. Changed to U.S. Air Force (Thornborough Air Force Base) 4/1/1948. Moved 0.3 miles NE and 2 feet up to T-2 Headquarters Building 10/30/53. Moved 0.3 miles SW and down to the Northwest Airlines Radio Building 5 feet 7/1/54; USWS took over observations and temperature ht first recorded (4 feet). Move 0.5 mile N and down 5 feet to Cold Bay Airport 8/4/55; temperature instrument raised to 7 feet. Moved 2000 feet SSE and up 4 feet to IFSS Building #400 4/21/61, temperature ht down to 6 feet. Moved 106 feet N and 10 feet downhill 9/1/62. Move 0.1 mile SW 11/18/62. Hygrothermometer HO6 series comissioned 8/9/63, 515 feet SW of old site. Hygrothermometer replaced by HO8 series 10/2/85.

Initial observation time unknown. Observation time 7 pm starting 4/1/48. Observation time changed to midnight 7/1/54 - present aside from 1983 time zone change.

Observer USWS.

Record length moderate. Data continuity good; 2 months missing 1952 and one month 1953. Site continuity fair to good.

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Cold Bay Temperature History

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