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Map of St. Paul Island

Map of St. Paul Island, from USGS Pribilof Islands map sheet, 1948 updated 1972. Scale 36 pixels per mile, elevations in feet.

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St. Paul Station History

St. Paul is a small island in the Bering Sea. Average greatest extent of pack ice is north of St Paul, but in extreme years late winter pack may extend south of the island. Current coordinates 57 degrees 9' N, 170 degrees 13' W, elevation 22 feet. Station history starts with isolated runs 8/1/1839 - 8/31/1844, 10/1/1869 - 5/31/1883, 9/1/1892 - 6/30/1895, 9/1/1911 - 8/31/1912, and 9/1/1914 - 6/30/1915. Monthly data survive from 1892-95 and from 1911-12. Continuous record starts 8/8/15 with standard instruments (temperature ht 5 feet) at the Naval Radio Station, 2 minutes south and 3 minutes west of current location, elevation 15 feet. Moved 0.1 mile W (coded) or 1/8 mile SW (LCD) to local residence 7/17/20; thermometers moved down to 3 feet. Moved 800 feet N to FWS company house 12/15/23, thermometers raised to 4 feet. Became Weather Bureau station (temporarily) and moved 400 feet SW to Weather Bureau Building (exact location indefinite) 6/5/28. Moved 800 feet NE to Naval Radio Station 8/29/30. Moved 800 feet SW to Army Weather Station 11/5/43; instrument heights unknown. Observer change to Weather Bureau with no location change but thermometer heights back at 5 feet 10/15/45. Move 3.4 miles NE from village to airport 7/2/47; elevation increase to 22 feet. Temperature height raised to 10 feet 9/10/51. Hygrothermometer HO6 series comissioned 9/9/75 66 feet NE of old instrument shelter. Minor adjustment on HO6 7/15/78; replaced by HO8 8/20/85.

Observation time 8 am 1911-1912 and 1914-1915. 3 pm 1915- 1920; unknown 1920-1940; 1 am 1940-1945. Midnight 1945 - present except for shift due to time zone change in 1983.

Observer USWS since 1945; earlier military and cooperative.

Record length excellent. Data continuity: major gap during WWII, missing 4 months 1920 and 1 month in 1977, otherwise record is complete 1915 - present. Site continuity: Very good 1947 - present; shaky before 1947. Potentially very useful for 2nd half of century in Bering Sea.

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St Paul Temperature History

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