Barter Island


Map of Barter Island area
Barter Island station history
Barter Island temperature history

Map of Barter Island Area

Temporary map of Barter Island area. I'll put in a better map when I can find one.

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Barter Island Station History

Located on north coast of Alaska adjacent to Kaktovik. Brooks range relatively close to coast, around 50 miles to south. Current coordinates 70 degrees 7' N, 143 degrees 40' W, elevation 39 feet. Final LCD summary gives longitude as 143 degrees 38' W. Station opened by Air Force 9/23/47 with temperature recorded at 5 feet. Taken over by USWB 12/9/56 with move 1 mile W and thermometer raised to 6 feet. Thermometer raised to 7 feet 10/14/58. Temperature raised to 13 feet 9/18/72. Station closed 1/2/89.

Time of observation midnight throughout record. (Note change to effective time of 11 pm November 1983 because of time zone shift.) Although listed as USWB, station was contractor operated from early 80's to end of record.

Record length short, cmpleteness good since mid fifties, continuity looks reasonable since 1956 but longitude needs to be rechecked. Local experience suggests caution in using data.

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Barter Island Temperature History

Plot of Barter Island mean annual temperatures

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