Map of Kotzebue area
Kotzebue station history
Kotzebue annual temperature history (uncorrected)
Kotzebue monthly temperature history (uncorrected)
Kotzebue time of day corrections


Map of Kotzebue Area

Someday there will be a map of Kotzebue here.

Map from USGS Kotzebue D-2 quadrangle, 1951 map with minor revisions 1988. Squares are sections, sides one mile long; elevations in feet.

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Kotzebue Station History

Located at tip of Baldwin peninsula in Kotzebue Sound, between Seward Peninsula and Point Hope on west coast. Current coordinates 66 degrees 52' N, 162 degrees 38' W, elevation 10 feet. Station history shows isolated data 10/1/1897-5/1901 and 7//1/1902 - 11/30/1904, with annual means available 1898-1900. Station reestablished at 15 feet elevation 10/1/28 at Post Office, moved half mile W and 4 feet down to airport 9/01/30, Signal Corps observer. Airport shelter over tundra, about 100 yards from Kotzebue sound. Shelter move with elevation increase to 12 feet 8/06/41. Station move 0.75 miles SSW and 2 feet downhill to control building, Ralph Wein Memorial Airport, 10/26/42, shelter over sod within 60 feet of Kotzebue Sound. Hygrothermometer HO6 series installed 12/6/78; replaced by HO8 series 10/20/85.

Observation time unknown 1897-1901; midnight 1902 to present except that time zone change made true observation time 11 pm starting November 1983. Observer USWS since 1942; Signal Corp, Postmaster and cooperative observers earlier.

Long broken record, considerable missing data through 1940, no data missing 1943-present. Site continuity very good since 1942 except for instrument changes.

Potential good record since 1943. Corrections needed: compensate for changes in instrument and shelter type.

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Kotzebue Temperature History

Plot of Kotzebue mean annual temperatures

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