Map of Iliamna area
Iliamna station history
Iliamna temperature history


Map of Iliamna Area

Iliamna area, USGS Map Iliamna sheet, 1957 revised 1985. Shown is north shore of Lake Iliamna. Large squares are townships, 6 miles on a side; elevations in feet with contour interval 200 feet.

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Iliamna Station History

Located on Iliamna Lake near base of Alaska Peninsula. Current coordinates 59 degrees 45' N, 154 degrees 55' W, elevation 186'. Data 1920-1923 incomplete and site uncertain. Reopened for a few months in 1939, and again 4/1/41 through 5/31/42. Reopened as CAA station 8/1/42, moved 3 miles W and 77' uphill at that time, temperature recorded at 5'. Temperature instrument moved slightly 7/10/56. Observer USWB 4/28/67 - 5/20/70, then back to FAA. Slight move NNE and 41' up 11/7/74.

Observation time 5 pm in twenties, 9 am 1939, 3 pm old site 1941-42. New site started with observation time midnight. Observation time changed to 8 pm 11/7/74. Time changed to 9 am 11/24/87.

Observer primarily and presently FAA/CAA.

Record length short with very spotty data before forties; record continuity fair from 1943 except for major gap in early seventies; site continuity may have been broken 1974. Difficult to evaluate as other Alaskan stations show what may be a real climate break around this time. Temperature difference from King Salmon appears fairly constant across the gap, and the two stations track fairly well on annual mean since mid fifties.

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Iliamna Temperature History

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