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Map of King Salmon Area

Map of King Salmon/Naknek area. USGS Naknek map sheet, 1952 with minor revisions 1988. Squares are townships, 6 miles on a side; elevations in feet.

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King Salmon Station History

Located where Alaska Peninsula joins mainland in throat of Bristol Bay. Current coordinates 58 degrees 41' N, 156 degrees 39' W, elevation 49'. Opened 6/2/1917 and nominally open continuously since except for a 4 month gap in 1939. Station moved 0.2 miles SE and 14 feet downhill 6/1/18 but maintained 4 feet temperature height. Move 3.5 miles SE and 8 feet downhill 7/7/39 after station gap, temperature measurement raised to 5 feet.. Moved 12.3 miles ENE and 19 feet lower 12/24/41 when CAA took over observations. (If move was to current airport at King Salmon, direction is suspicious. May be an error for ESE.) Move unknown distance and direction when USAF took over 2/20/42 (LCD shows no location change) station height lowered 10 feet. USWB took over and lowered elevation by 5 feet to 44 feet 11/1/55; name changed from Naknek to King Salmon at that time. Apparent 0.1 mile move of temperature instrument to WNW 9/2/57; coding may be in error as LCD shows only change move of rain gage. Temperature instrument raised to 7 feet at that time. Moved 2420 feet WNW and 1 feet downhill 1/25/62, temperature now measured at 6 feet above ground. HO6 series hygrothermometer added 6 feet above ground and 2400 feet ESE of old instrument 1/1/64. Elevation change to 49 feet apparently due to resurvey(?) 9/29/66; elevation reported 43 feet until then. Change to HO8 hygrothermometer 7/13/85.

Observation time initially 5 pm, changed to 4 pm 6/1/18.Observation time changed to midnight 2/20/42 and remained midnight through rest of record except for effect of time zone change starting November 1983.

Observer USWS or predecessors since 1955. This is an upper air station.

Record length good but data spotty in early years. Data continuity excellent since 1947, poor earlier in record. Site continuity reasonably good since 1940s.

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King Salmon Temperature History

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