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Map of Homer

Map of Homer area, based on USGS Seldovia map sheet, 1963 revised in 1985. Squares are townships, 6 miles on a side; elevations in feet.

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Homer Station History

Located near the tip of the Kenai peninsula, on NW side of Kachemak Bay. Some shelter from SE from mountains across bay. Current coordinates 59 degrees 38' N, 151 degrees 30' W, elevation 67 feet, AAG p 62. September 1932-August 1934 at 59 degrees39' N, 200 feet elevation, over sod 100 feet from trees and 25 feet from Anderson house, thermometers 4 feet. November 1935-July 1937 half mile NNE at 59 degrees 40' N, 100 feet elevation at Groth home, shelter 40 feet from building and trees, thermometers at 5 feet. Continuous record starts 10/26/1938 2.5 miles SW, 59 degrees 38' N, 151 degrees 33' W, elevation 49 feet at Berry's Store. Instruments moved to roof (thermometers at 26 feet) 6/24/41. 12/12/42 moved 2 miles E and 18 feet up to airport, thermometer height back to 5 feet. 11/23/70 no horizontal move shown, but ground elevation lowered from 67 feet to 63 feet. This may have been belated recognition of true elevation changes after the 1964 earthquake, when the ground dropped on the Cook Inlet side of the Kenai Peninsula. Station moved 0.3 miles SE and up to 67 feet, and instruments moved to roof (22 feet above ground) 9/1/81. LCD ties 67 feet to move to roof. Hygrothermometer HO8 series installed at 7 feet elevation 11/29/84.

Observation time 5 pm before 1938; 4 pm 1938-12/12/42; midnight thereafter.

Observer USWS 1967-present, formerly coop and FAA/CAA. Length fair; data completeness good since 1940 (missing only April 1973 since 1940) erratic earlier; site continuity fair except for 1942 move but movement of instruments on and off roof bothersome.

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Homer Temperature History

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