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Map of Kenai

Map of Kenai area, USGS Kenai map sheet, 1958 revised 1987. Cultural features not up to date. Squares are townships, 6 miles on a side, elevations in feet.

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Kenai Station History

Located on flat land about halfway up east coast of Cook Inlet, near mouth of Kenai River. Shielded against direct North Pacific influence by mountains along SE side of Kenai Peninsula. Current coordinates 60 degrees 34' N, 151 degrees 15' W, elevation 86 feet, AAG map 69. Some scattered data as Agricultural Experiment Station 1870-1908; earlier part of this period probably other observers. Moved 0.2 mile SE on reopening 3/31/39; closed again Feb 1940. Moved 0.6 miles E and new observer (CAA) 12/1/41, temperature height 5 feet. Move half mile NW and 1 foot down 7/16/43. Move half mile NE and 1 foot up 4/20/67; HO6 series hygrothermometer installed at 4 feet height at that time. Observations taken over by contractor and thermometer moved 0.4 miles NE 5/19/88.

Observation times unknown before 1943; midnight since except 150 WMT time 11 pm since time zone change November 1983.

Current observer contractor; earlier FAA/CAA and Ag station.

Length short as continuous record, no missing data mid 1943 - present; site continuity fair but need to check whether total move almost a mile north since 1943 changed vegetation or distance from coast. Some possibility of heat island effect.

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Kenai Temperature History

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