Map of Matanuska area
Matanuska station history
Matanuska temperature history

Map of Matanuska

Matanuska area map, USGS Anchorage map sheet, 1962 with limited revision in 1985. Squares are townships, 6 miles on a side, and elevations are in feet. Station coordinates put station near area marked "Four Corners" on map, not near Matanuska as shown here.

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Matanuska Station History

Located at the Agricultural Experiment Station near Palmer, Alaska in the lower floodplain area of the Matanuska and Knik Rivers. Coordinates 61 degrees 34' N, 149 degrees 16' W, elevation 150 feet. Record starts 7/1/17 with temperature at 4 feet. Temperature raised to 5 feet 8/1/29. Slight move NW and station name change to Matanuska #14 6/12/45. Thermometers moved but no information where 5/14/48. Moved 0.1 mile W 7/18/50. Name change to Matanuska AES 11/1/54. Slight move W 9/15/66. MaxMin system added 6/22/90.

Observation time started 6 pm, changed to 5 pm 8/1/29. Time back to 6 pm 9/15/66. Rotating observation schedule 1/1/71 - 1/4/82, probably evening in winter and morning during crop season. 1/4/82 on observations 9 am except time zone change in November 1983 makes this effectively 8 am.

Observer currently cooperative; formerly experiment station.

Record length good. Data completeness fairly good 1918 - 1931 (only July 1926 missing.) Substantial missing data (around 6 months a year) late 1932 through 1935. Complete 1936 through 1948 and 1952 through 1990. Site continuity appears fair aside from time of observation changes, but needs to be checked on ground.

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Matanuska Temperature History

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