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Puntilla station history
Puntilla temperature history

Map of Puntilla

Map of Puntilla area, from USGS Talkeetna map sheet, 1958 with minor revisions 1967. Squares are townships, 6 miles on a side; elevations in feet. Station coordinates match Rainy Pass Lodge area.

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Puntilla Station History

Located near Rainy Pass Lodge on the Itidarod Trail on the Happy River, a tributary of the Skwentna River which in turn joins the Yentna, a west side tributary of the Susitna shortly above its delta. Mountain pass environment. Current coordinates 62 degrees 6' N, 152 degrees 45' W, elevation 1832 feet. Station opened with elevation 1837 feet 12/8/41, T at 5 feet. Gap 5/14/43 - 8/8/43. Temperature instrument moved and raised to 8 feet 10/12/44, moved again and dropped back to 6 feet 7/25/58. Slight move to SE 11/17/61. Elevation lowered to 1832 feet with no explanation 5/1/65 (releveling after Earthquake? Looks a lot for so far inland.) Slight move east and instruments lowered to 5 feet 2/13/79.

Observation time initially 3 pm undifferentiated between T and precip, changed to 7 pm 8/8/43. Time moved to 6 pm 7/25/58. Changed to 7 am 10/24/71, and to 5 pm 12/14/72. Became 8 pm 1/7/86 and 7 pm 7/1/86. (No, the last two dates are not misprints.)

Observer "Aviation weather observer" since 1965, formerly coop.

Length of record short. Data continuity marginal with gaps throughout record. Site continuity appears fairly good. Not continuous enough to be useful by itself, but could provide a good record of comparison of Alaska Range climate with lowland climate, say at Talkeetna, on a month by month basis.

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Puntilla Temperature History

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