Allakaket station history
Allakaket temperature history plot, uncorrected


Map of Allakaket area

Map of Allakaket area as it appeared in 1970. (USGS Bettles C-6 quadrangle.) The town was effectively destroyed by flooding in 1994, and has since been rebuilt. Scale: section lines are one mile apart; elevation in feet.

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Allakaket Station History

Located on the Koyukuk River near confluence with Alatna, S of Brooks Range front. Latest coordinates 66 degrees 34' N, 152 degrees 40' W, elevation 600 feet. Slightly SW of Bettles and could possibly be tied in to that station. Station opened 1907. Major data gaps end of 1928 through January 1933; 8/24/65 through July 66; April-August 1967; considerable minor gaps as well. Substantial periods for which minimum temperatures are available but maximums are not. Potentially useful for earliest part of record (1908-1928), when all years have at least 10 months of data. Closed Nov. 1 1982. Village destroyed by flooding August 1994. Temperature ht increased from 4' to 5' 12/15/36; station moved 0.1 mile W 9/1/67.

Initial observation time 2 pm, changed to 5 pm 1953, 8 pm 1966, and 7 pm 9/1/67.

Observer various missionaries and residents.

Length good, data completeness poor, site continuity good.

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Allakaket temperature history

Plot of mean annual temperatures against time

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