Big Delta


Map of Big Delta area
Big Delta station history
Big Delta temperature history, uncorrected


Map of Big Delta area

Still hunting for a map at the proper scale.

Selection from USGS Big Delta shaded relief map, 1958. Cultural features badly out of date, but topography is good. Bottom edge of map is at 64 degrees 0' N, township squares are 6 miles on a side, and elevation is in feet.

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Big Delta Station History

Located on Delta River near confluence of Tanana and Delta Rivers. Current coordinates 64 degrees 0'N, 145 degrees 44' W, elevation 1268'. Station in existance as McCarty 1917-1920, then revived in 1937. Moved 10 miles S in 1941 (longitude change indicates SE; possibly from Big Delta to Delta Junction or Fort Greely) and 273 feet up. First annual average in 1943, so there is a lot of missing data before that. Additional half mile moves in 1944 (SE) and 1945 (SW). Station automated as AMOS station in 1972. Observation time 6 am through 1941, 8 pm 1941-June 44, midnight July '44, 8 pm when automated 9/8/72. Substantial missing weekend data. Effectively changed to 7 pm October 1983.

Observer some USWS, mostly FAA.

Length short, data completeness good if missing weekends ignored, site and instrument continuity questionable.

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Big Delta Temperature History

Plot of Big Delta temperatures

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