Map of Farewell area
Farewell station history
Farewell temperature history (uncorrected data)


Map of Farewell Area

USGS map McGrath (C-2 quad.)

Map of Farewell area, based on USGS McGrath C-2 quadrangle, 1958. The heavy contour is the 1500 foot contour.

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Farewell Station History

Located about 10 miles W of South Fork Kuskokwim River, just N of northern foothills of Alaska Range. Current coordinates 62 degrees 31' N, 153 degrees 53' W, elevation 1499 feet. Relatively short record, Dec 1941-Feb 1978. One move, 0.2 miles ESE and 3' uphill, in 1944.

Observation time 3 pm initially, midnight March 44 - Feb 75, 2 pm Mar 75 end of record. Considerable missing data both ends of record; annual means possible only 1945- 1971. Questionable value.

Observer FAA after 1944, cooperative before.

Length short, data continuity limited to 1945-71 when numerous stations were active, site continuity relatively good.

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Farewell Temperature History

Uncorrected annual mean temperature plot for Farewell, Alaska

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