Holy Cross


Map of Holy Cross
Holy Cross station history
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Map of Holy Cross

USGS map Holy Cross (A-2 quad)

Holy Cross, USGS map Holy Cross (A-2 Quad.) The main water course is the Yukon River, flowing from north to south, and section lines are 1 mile apart. Contours in feet. Map date 1952 with minor revisions 1981.

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Holy Cross Station History

Located near the apex of the Yukon-Kuskokwim delta just east of Holy Cross Hills (peaks 300 - 500'). Current coordinates 62 degrees 11' N, 159 degrees 46' W, elevation 100 feet. Station in operation from 1893 - 1975 with breaks 1901-1905, 5/1909 - 5/1910, 8/1916-8/1917, summer 1971, winter 1974-75. Greatest recorded move 0.1 mile S and 50 feet downhill in 1969.

Observation times unknown before 1905, 3 pm 1905-09, 4 pm 1910-16, 6 pm 1917- 1966, 5 pm 1966-71, 4 pm 1971-end of record 6/1/75. Nome is probably the best station for time of day correction, but since all observation times are afternoon this is probably important only for maximum temperatures.

Considerable missing data, including all annual means and most months from 1966 on. However, site continuity and early data make this a potentially valuable record.

Observer missionaries and some cooperative observers.

Length good, data continuity fair, site continuity fair to good.

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Holy Cross Temperature History

Plot of Holy Cross annual mean temperatures

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