Map of McGrath area
McGrath station history
McGrath annual temperature history plot (uncorrected)
McGrath monthly temperature history plot (uncorrected)
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Map of McGrath Area

McGrath area, from USGS McGrath (D-6 quad), 1958. Section lines are 1 mile apart and contours are in feet. River channels may have changed.

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McGrath Station History

Located on Kuskokwim River, about halfway between Fairbanks and Yukon- Kuskokwim delta. Current coordinates 62 degrees 58' N, 155 degrees 37' W, elevation 344 feet. 1941-present. Data quality excellent, virtually no missing data. Possible moves 1941- 1942, temperature height increased from 5' to 7' in 1950. Only major move 0.2 miles N in 1965; HO6 series hygrothermometer added and sensors raised to 8' at this time.

Observations at midnight until 6/29/76; 6 pm thereafter (effectively 5 pm since 10/31/83 time zone change.) This is according to NCDC files; may have gone back to midnight. Fairbanks NOAA WS office considers this possibly the best station in the Interior.

Observer FAA/CAA until 1942, then USWS.

Length short, data continuity excellent, site continuity fairly good. May need correction for 1965 move and observation time change.

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McGrath Temperature History

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