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Map of McKinley area
McKinley station history
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Map of McKinley Park Entrance Area

Scan from USGS map Healy C-4 quadrangle

McKinley Park entrance area, from USGS Healy C-4 quadrangle, 1950 with minor revisions 1970. Squares are sections, one mile on a side, elevations are in feer. Cultural features in the park area have changed substantially since the last revision. Current location of climate station is near park headquarters.

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McKinley Park Station History

Located in Nenana River valley in northern foothills Alaska Range, p 104 AAG. Current coordinates 63 degrees 43' N, 148 degrees 58' W, elevation 2070 feet. Record starts January 1922. Original observer Alaska Railroad, elevation 1730 feet, observation time 7 pm. Moved 1 mile SSW and 100 feet downhill to Park headquarters August 1924. August 1925 moved 1.5 miles WNW up 462 feet to 2092 feet elevation., four moves less than 0.1 mile between 1925 and 1966. August 1966 move 0.1 mile SW, downhill 22 feet. May 1983 move 0.1 mile SE.

Observation time change to 5 pm August 1925, to 8 am April 1955, to 5 pm October 1956. Rotating observation schedule June 1968 to May 1974. Returned to 8 am observation May 1974 (effectively 7 am since 10/31/83 due to time zone change.) Data quality deteriorates markedly around 1985.

Observer mostly National Park Service.

Length good, data continuity fair to good until 1980's, site continuity poor.

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McKinley Park Temperature History

Plot of mean annual temperatures at McKinley

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