Map of Northway area
Northway station history
Northway temperature history


Map of Northway Area

USGS map from Nabesna

Northway, Alaska from USGS Nabesna D-2 quadrangle, 1955 with minor revisions 1978. Section lines are one mile apart; contours labeled in feet.

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Northway Station History

Located in the upper Tanana Valley, in swampy ground in old slough of Nabesna River. Current coordinates 62° 58' N, 141° 56' W, elevation 1713'. Opened 8/12/42 as Air Force observing station, observation time 10 pm. Became Weather Bureau station 10/1/42 with 0.1 mile move E and changed observation time to midnight. FAA took over 10/15/57.

Observation time 10 pm initially, changed to midnight 10/1/42. Effectively 11 pm since time zone shift end of October 1983.

Observer mostly FAA.

Length short, data continuity fair, site continuity good.

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Northway Temperature History (uncorrected)

Plot of mean annual temperatures at Northway, Alaska

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