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Seward station history
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Map of Seward

Map of Seward area, USGS Seward map sheet, 1953 with limited revisions 1985. Large squares are townships, 6 miles on a side; elevations in feet.

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Seward Station History

Seward is located at the head of Resurrection Bay, a south-facing fjord on the exposed and mountainous east side of the Kenai peninsula. Permanent icefields and/or glaciers occur on both sides of the fjord, as well as elevations exceeding 4000'. Topographically, the fjord extends northward as a straight glacial valley to Kenai Lake. Current coordinates 60 degrees 7' N, 149 degrees 27' W, elevation 35 feet.

Observation started 2/1/1908 with a non-standard shelter and thermometers at 3 feet. The 62 feet site elevation is considered questionable. Move 0.2 miles SE 7/1/1918. Thermometers raised to 4 feet 5/23. Gap in station history 4/30/25 - 4/1/29. Unknown move over that time, only instrument listed until September was a rain gage. Move 0.6 miles NNW 9/1/29, CR shelter and max min thermometers at 4 feet, frst time lat and long considered reliable, though elevation still questioned. Move half mile SSE 1/25/41, elevation no longer suspect. Move 1.3 miles NNW and 54 feet uphill to 116 feet 2/3/42, temperature height 3 feet. Move 0.1 mile E and down 21 feet 9/17/44; temperature height 5 feet. Move 1.3 miles SSE and downhill 19 feet 8/14/45; temperature height 4 feet. Move 0.1 mile N and down 10 feet 4/21/47; temperature height 5 feet. Move 0.1 mile S and up 10 feet 6/25/48. Elevation change from 76 feet to 70 feet recorded 11/5/65. This may reflect resurveying after the Good Friday Earthquake of 3/27/64; the area did drop in elevation at that time. Move 0.1 mile SE 7/1/70; temperature ht 6. Move 0.2 miles S and 35 feet downhill 8/4/75. Observation time 5 pm start of record. Changed to 4pm 7/1/18. 3 pm 9/1/29; 9 am 1/25/41; 3 pm 2/3/42. Changed to 5 pm 4/21/47; 6 pm 6/1/57; 5 pm 7/1/70; midnight 8/4/75; 2 am 1/1/78; 3 pm 9/1/87; 3 am 11/6/87.

Observations since 1978 by aviation weather observer. Various individuals prior to that time.

Length of record good but incomplete. Data continuity good since 40's, poor earlier. Site continuity poor.

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Seward Temperature History

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