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Annette station history
Annette temperature history

Map of Annette

Map of Southwestern Annette Island, showing airport. From USGS Ketchikan map sheet, 1955 with minor revisions 1976.

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Annette Station History

Located well south in Southeastern Alaska. Current coordinates 55 degrees 02' N, 131 degrees 34' W, elevation 109 feet. Record 9/18/40 through present. Temperature ht started at 5 feet, changed to 12 feet 12/17/47. HO6 series hygrothermometer added at 4 foot ht 1250 feet NE of thermometer site 4/1/60, apparently removed 6/7/1977 when station was moved 0.1 mile NNE and 1 foot downhill; temperature ht changed to 10 feet at that time. Needs check for possible coding error. HO8 hygrothermometer installed 10/1/85.

Clock observation time midnight throughout. When corrected to 135 WMT, observations through October 1983 should be treated as being taken at 11 pm; those starting November 1983 at midnight.

Observer USWS since 1947; USAF before that.

Record length moderate, data continuity excellent, site continuity reasonable. Aside from uncertainties on instrumentation looks like a very good station for 50's through present.

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Annette Temperature History

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