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Map of Annex Creek area
Annex Creek station history
Annex Creek temperature history

Map of Annex Creek

38K gif of USGS topo map
USGS map from Juneau map sheet. Squares are townships, 6 miles on a side; elevations are in feet. Climatological site is near powerplant.

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Annex Creek Station History

Located just "around the corner" from Juneau near powerplant, on generally SE-facing slope. Current coordinates 58 degrees 19' N, 134 degrees 06' W, elevation 24 feet. Record 10/16/16 - 6/1/89. Moved an unknown distance S 8/5/36, temperature sensors moved from 5 feet to 17 feet at that time. Slight move N 2/6/45; slight move SW 9/6/72; MaxMin system installed 9/8/88. Station closed the following year.

Observation time initially 5 pm (4 pm AST). Changed to 2 pm (1 pm AST) 5/15/60; 4 pm (3 pm AST) 5/7/78. All Southeastern stations switched from PST to AST 10/31/83. Observations switched to 6 pm starting 12/1/86.

Observer corporate cooperative; gold mines and power plant. Potentially correctable time changes may have biased maximum temperature trend.

Note that Annex Creek is one of three stations in the Juneau area: Juneau (Airport), Juneau2 (city) and Annex Creek (power plant.)

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Annex Creek Temperature History

11K gif file of plotted annual mean temperatures

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