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Map of Haines

Map of Haines area, USGS Skagway map sheet, 1961 with minor revisions 1982. Squares are townships, 6 miles on a side; elevations in feet.

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Haines Station History

Located at extreme north end of Southeastern archipelago, at head of NNW-SSE trending Lynn Canal where it splits into Chilkoot and Chilkat Inlets. Current coordinates 59 degrees14' N, 135 degrees 26' W, elevation 31 feet. In operation with breaks up to a year long since 1925. Temperature record 5 feet above ground throughout. Initial location 4 blocks east of Post Office, elevation 19 feet. Moved 3.0 miles S and 238' uphill during 10 day gap in record ending 10/11/40. Moved 2.0 miles NNW and 157' downhill 9/15/53. Gap from 5/31/56 to 9/1/57; moved 4.0 miles N and 75' uphill during gap. Move 144' down and unknown distance and direction horizontally 7/1/73.

Haines was on 120 WMT (Pacific time zone) prior to late October 1983, which was well east of its natural time zone of 135 WMT. Starting in November 1983 the station went onto 135 WMT. Since this closely approximates local mean solar time, the early observations, rather than the later ones, have had a time zone correction applied, so all corrected times are 135 WMT.

Initial observation time 7 am (6 am corrected). Changed to midnight (11 pm corrected) 10/11/40. Changed to 5 pm (4 pm corrected) 9/15/53; 3 pm (2 pm corrected) 4/1/66; 4 pm (3 pm corrected) 7/1/73. Change of time zone 10/31/83, gave an effective observation time of 4 pm 135 WMT. All later times are 135 WMT (current Alaska Standard time). 8 am 1/1/84; 9 am 4/1/84; 3 pm 4/15/86; 9am for temperature 7/1/86.

Cooperative observers.

Record length good, data continuity moderate, site continuity poor on both location and time of observation.

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Haines Temperature History

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