Juneau Area


Map of area
Comparison of temperature trends

Map of Juneau Area

56 K gif file of Juneau area map
Juneau area map. USGS Juneau map sheet. Squares are townships, 6 miles on a side; elevations in feet. Site J is Juneau airport, J2 is Juneau2 (city), and AC is Annex Creek. A map at about twice this scale is also available as a 285K gif file (roughly 8 by 12 inches.)

Station Comparisons

Plot of annual means for airport, city, Annex and Haines.
Plots of mean annual temperatures for Juneau 2 (city, brown), Juneau (airport, blue), Annex Creek (power plant, red) and Haines, considerably north of Juneau (green)

Difference in temperature, Juneau city - airport
Blue triangles are annual mean minimum temperature differences, red squares are annual mean maxima, and green circles are annual means.

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