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Map of Juneau (Airport) area
Juneau (Airport) station history
Juneau (Airport) temperature history

Map of Juneau (Airport)

Map of Juneau (Airport) area. USGS Juneau map sheet; scale is approximately 6 miles north edge to south edge; contours in feet. A map covering a larger area is also available.

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Juneau (Airport) Station History

Located at Juneau Airport. Current location 58 degrees 22' N, 134 degrees 35' W, elevation 12 feet. Started 7/1/43 8 miles NW from old Federal Building location (in Juneau 2 record). Move 0.1 mile SSE and 2 feet uphill to Administration building 4/16/59. HO6 hygrothermometer installed 390 feet SSE of thermometer site 9/19/64. HO6 replaced by HO8 12/31/1988.

Observation time midnight throughout. Civil time for all Southeastern stations underwent a time zone change 10/31/83. Prior to that time Juneau was on PST (120 WMT); since then it had been on Alaska Standard Time (AST, 135 WMT.) For a midnight station, this means that the true observation time was 11 am prior to November 1983.

Observer Weather Service through 6/14/79; FAA through 11/13/84, Airport Security through 9/1/85, contractor (Northern Technical Services) since.

Record length moderate, data continuity good except 3 months missing 1985, site continuity good.

Difference in temperature between Juneau AP and Juneau 2 is generally between 1 degree F and 4 degrees F, with Juneau 2 warmer. Note that there are three stations in close proximity in this area: Juneau, Juneau 2, and Annex Creek.

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Juneau (Airport) Temperature History

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