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Juneau 2 (city) station history
Juneau 2 (city) temperature history

Map of Juneau 2 (city)

Juneau area, from USGS Juneau map sheet. Large squares are townships, 6 miles on a side; elevations in feet.

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Juneau 2 (city) Station History

Located in downtown Juneau. Current location 58 degrees 18' N, 134 degrees 24' W, elevation 25'. Operated 6/1/1888 through present with minor breaks and some location changes; heat island effect possible. Exact site unknown until 1916, when station was located at 113 5th Street, temperature taken at 6'. Taken over by Weather Bureau and moved to 224 E 4th Street 1/1/1917, non-standard instruments and shelter; psychrometer 11' shown for temperature. Station moved 0.3 miles NW to 7th and Franklin Streets 5/1/22. Station moved 0.2 miles WSW to McKanna House on W 7th Street 7/1/28. Station moved 0.1 mile SE and 8' lower to Federal Building at 4th and Main Street; temperature shown as 96' above ground so probably on roof. Station was maintained by Weather Bureau until 7/11/65 when it was taken over by the US Forest Service with a move of 0.2 miles S and 47' down. Station number changed at that time and records are confused: the LCD for Juneau does not show this change. Moved 0.1 mile SW to Alaska State Museum 8/3/72 Moved 0.6 miles W and shown with US NWS as observer 11/15/75. Slight move W and taken over by Fire Station 9/30/90.

Observation time 4 pm (3 pm AST) as of 1890, 3 pm (2 pm AST) 7/7/12, midnight (11 pm AST) starting 1/1/17. Changed to 5 pm (4 pm AST) 7/11/65; 4 pm (3 pm AST) 1/26/70; 5 pm (4 pm AST) 4/21/71; 11 pm (10 pm AST) 8/3/72; 8 am (7 am AST) 3/3/75; 9 am (8 am AST) 11/15/75. The time zone for all Southeastern stations changed from PST to AST 10/31/83, after which the official observation times are AST.

Observers mostly various government agencies.

Record length excellent, data continuity variable with major gap in 70's, site continuity questionable.

Record needs further documentation, but has potential for very long if inhomogeneous early record. Potential variation due to change in exposure to Gastineau Channel and heat island.

Note that there are three stations in the Juneau area: Juneau, Juneau2 and Annex Creek. Comparisons and overview maps are available.

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Juneau 2 (city) Temperature History

12K gif plot of Juneau city temperature history

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