Little Port Walter


Map of Little Port Walter area
Little Port Walter station history
Little Port Walter temperature history

Map of Little Port Walter

Map of Port Walter area. I'm in the process of finding a more exact location for the climatological station, but it is in this general area. USGS Port Alexander map sheet; large squares are townships, 6 miles on a side; elevations in feet.

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Little Port Walter Station History

Located southern Baranoff Island. Current coordinates 56 degrees 23' N, 134 degrees 39' W, elevation 14 feet. Opened 7/11/36, thermometer 6 feet above grouind. Slight move (1 foot elevation reduction) 11/1/39, temperature moved to 14 feet off ground. Slight moves south 2/1/63 and 4/7/75.

Observation time 5 pm throughout record. True solar observation time was moved 1 hour later for all Southeastern stations due to a time zone change 10/31/83. In 135 WMT (current AST) observations were 4 pm through October 1983 and 5 pm thereafter.

Observer U.S. Fisheries (under various names)

Record length fairly good, data continuity good (two months missing since 1937, but I need to recheck 60's) site continuity appears good.

Station noted for very high precipitation.
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Little Port Walter Temperature History

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