Map of Unalakleet area
Unalakleet station history
Unalakleet temperature history (uncorrected)


Map of Unalakleet Area

USGS Unalakleet D-4 quadrangle

Map of Unalakleet area, USGS Unalakleet D-4 quadrangle, 1950, with minor revisions in 1965. Squares are sections, 1 mile on a side, and elevations are in feet. Exact river channels and cultural features are probably out of date, but topography should still be accurate.

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Unalakleet Station History

Located on shore of Norton Sound at mouth of Unalakleet River. Current coordinates 63 degrees 53' N, 160 degrees 48' W, elevation 18 feet; AAG map 131. Official record 1930 - present, but large amounts of missing data before mid 40's and after late 70's.

Opened at 63 degrees 54' N, 160 degrees 47' W, 30 feet elevation 11/1/36 with non- standard instruments and very poor documentation. Observer change and possible move 5/1/41; standard instruments at that time with temperature measured 5 feet above ground. Another possible move 6/6/43 when Army Air Force became observer. Coordinates change to current values except elevation 14 feet 11/14/45 but move still listed as unknown distance and direction. Thermometers lowered to 4 feet 8/1/54. USWB took over 6/22/67 with 1 foot increase in elevation but no recorded horizontal move. Slight move SW and 3 feet increase in elevation 10/15/82, thermometers raised to 5 feet.

Observation time midnight starting 6/6/43, changed to 2 pm 10/25/76.

Observer since 1967 USWS, FAA/CAA 1945-67; Army and coop earlier.

Record length short, data continuity good only from mid 40's to early 70's, site continuity virtually undocumented. Probably not worth using.

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Unalakleet Temperature History

Plot of mean annual temperatures

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