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Map of Barrow area
Barrow station history
Barrow temperature history (uncorrected)

Map of Barrow Area

General area of Point Barrow, Alaska until I can find a better map. Note that for much of the winter the lakes and ocean are ice-covered, and there is little difference climatically between land and water.

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Barrow Station History

Station located near NE-SW trending coastline within a few miles of the northermost point in Alaska. Terrain fairly flat and sodden, with continuous permafrost and numerous thaw lakes, generally windy. Sea ice generally tight against shore in winter; may retreat offshore to considerable distance in summer. Current coordinates 71 degrees 18' N, 156 degrees 47' W, elevation 31 feet. Scattered data, not in file, prior to 1900. History starts with brief records 1901-1904 and 1910- 1911, both in hospital building. Observations by teachers in school building Dec 1915 - March 1919 with move 600' west, elevation(11 feet) still suspect. Move 1000 feet NE, up 2 feet and to Army Radio Building September 1920, instrumentation recorded for first time, temperature obs. 5'. Station moved 0.3 miles SW and upslope to 17 feet elevation 12/27/24. LCD summary says temporary move to Hansens Store, location unknown. 8/15/25 station moved back 0.3 miles NE, back down to 13 feet when Radio Building rebuilt. Became USWB station 12/15/42, with station move 0.33 miles SW to Weather Bureau Quarters #1, near shore of Chukchi Sea. Station move 810 feet ESE and up to 22' 2/8/44, change in temperature sensor height to 12 feet, to escape sea ice. Move 150 feet SE to New Quonset building and thermograph added 4/2/55. Temperature instruments moved west 10/14/59, west again 12/31/61. Move 330 feet ESE to Weather Bureau building at Wiley Post-Will Rogers Airport and thermograph removed 11/7/66. Temperature instruments lowered to 5 feet and HO6 series hygrothermometer added 75 feet NW of instrument shelter 4/21/77. Old max-min instruments removed 2/6/78, and HO8 series hygrothermometer installed 10/21/85.

1901-1904 observation time 7 pm; 1910-1911 9 am; 1915-1919 11 am; 1920-1924 7 pm; 1924-25 5 pm. Observation time 1925- present midnight.

Observer USWB/USWS since 1942.

Record length and completeness good; no missing data since 1921. Site continuity reasonable, but changes in summer exposure to ocean, and albedo changes due to growth of town, moves, snow clearance, dirt on snow, etc. could result in false long-term trends. Suggest reoccupation of old thermometer sites for at least a year's comparison before considering use for long-term trends. Also look at effect of switch to HO series instruments.

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Barrow Temperature History

Plot of mean annual temperatures at Barrow, Alaska

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