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Bettles station history
Bettles temperature history plot, uncorrected


Map of Bettles area

USGS map of Bettles area
Map of Bettles area, USGS Bettles D-4 quadrangle,1970 map with minor revisions in 1988. Section lines are 1 mile apart; contours are in feet.

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Bettles station history

Located on Koyukuk River south of Brooks Range and 4 miles east of Alatna Hills. Current coordinates 66 degrees 55' N, 151 degrees 31' W, elevation 644 feet. Station opened 1944 at 66 degrees 54' N, 151 degrees 43' W, 848' elevation but moved 5 miles NE and 182' lower in 1951. (Probably from old Bettles village on map to Bettles Airport, see map.) An additional elevation change of 22' down was reported in 1968, but with no corresponding horizontal change - suspicious. Located in CAA/FAA Control buildings until 12/3/69; became flight service station 12/3/69.

Midnight observations throughout, so only possible time correction needed would be for change from midnight to 11 pm with time zone change 10/31/83. Observer some USWS, mostly FAA.

Length short, data completeness good, site continuity good. Appears to be a potentially excellent record from 1951-1990; data complete after 1944.

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Bettles temperature history

Plot of Bettles temperature history, uncorrected

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