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Map of Nome Area

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Nome area, from USGS Nome map sheet, 1950 with minor revisions 1985. Squares are townships, 6 miles on a side; elevation contours are labeled in feet.

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Nome Station History

Located on the south coast of Seward Peninsula, near mouth of Nome River. Current coordinates 64 degrees 30' N, 165 degrees 26' W, elevation 13 feet. Record runs 1906 through present, first order station with regular atmospheric soundings.

Initial location 1' S and 2' east of present coordinates at 10 feet elevation, all coordinates uncertain. Move 7/7/1916 to Telegraph office, M&M;Bank Building, temperature measured at 3 feet above ground. 11/1/24 moved .1 mile NE and 2 feet uphill to Bureau of Ed. Bldg, thermometer raised to 5 feet. Returned to M &;M Bank building and 3 feet thermometers 6/20/25, then back to Bureau of Education and 5 feet instruments 9/1/25. Move 2.5 miles E to Army Radio Station (elevation 33') 7/19/28, temperature measured at 4 feet. Move 2.5 miles W to Rice Apartments on 1st Street (elevation 12') 6/1/30; instrument hts from LCD and digitized data in conflict. Moved 0.3 miles E to Arthur House, Kings Place and Spokane Ave, 7/1/34. Became USWB station with 0.2 mile move S to Post Office 1/2/39; 30 feet above ground for thermometer suggests instruments on roof. Moved 1.3 miles NW and 1 foot uphill to Hanger #1, Nome Army Air Base 3/27/46, temperature measured at 10 feet. Moved 0.3 miles E to guest house, Nome Field, 12/04/50; temperature lowered to 8 feet. Moved 0.2 mile W 6/18/63, temperature measurement lowered to 5 feet. HO6 series hygrothermometer installed 1400 feet NNW of old site 8/13/66. Hygrothermometer changed to HO8 series 8/27/85.

Observation time 6 pm until 1/2/39; midnight thereafter.

Observer USWS 1939 on, earlier data cooperative.

Record length very good, almost continuous from 1907. Data continuity very good, starting 1907 only missing data are maximum temperatures for three months in 1915 and one month of 1916. Site continuity poor, with numerous moves and instrument changes. Time of observation fairly consistent, with only one change (in 1939) and all observations 6 pm or later.

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Nome Temperature History

Plot of Nome annual mean temperatures

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