Kodiak November 2013

Kodiak's mean monthly temperature for November of 36.1°F was 2.2°F above normal. Temperatures stayed above normal for most of the month, except for cold spells around the 19th and at the end of the month. On the 14th a high temperature of 59°F was recorded, the highest this month, and a new daily record, which smashed the old high of 54°F from 1986. The high of 54°F record on the 13th shattered the 1986 record of 48°F. Finally, the high of 50°F on the 15th just topped out the old record of 49°F, also set 1986. The coldest temperature occurred on the 19th, at 16°F, tying the low for the day reached in 2007 and 1974.

Precipitation was low with a total of 3.60", only 52% of the normal of 6.87". Snowfall totaled 7.3", 14% above the normal of 6.4". The mean monthly wind speed was calculated as 9.3 mph; the highest gust occurred on the 16th at 53 mph, blowing from a westerly direction.