2015 Annual Climate Summary Available

Our annual summary of the climate of Alaska in 2015 is now available.


The mean average annual temperature in 2015 for the first order stations was 35.3°F, a substantial positive departure of 2.7°F from the 30-year normal of 32.6°F. This is a continuation of the warm temperatures from 2014, which had a mean temperature 0.2°F higher than 2015.


The mean annual precipitation of the 19 stations was 37.28", which is 9% above the long-term mean. As reported previously (Shulski and Wendler 2007), there is a very large variation in the precipitation totals, when traversing from the Southeast to Arctic Alaska. For example, Yakutat reported for 2015 a total of 148.14", while Barrow in Northern Alaska, recorded a value of just 5.73" for the same time period. It is even more remarkable that Barrow for 2015 reported above normal precipitation at 26%. 

You can read the in depth summary here.