February 2016 Nine Cities Summary Available

Our Nine Cities Summary for a warmer than normal February 2016 is now available here.

2015 Annual Climate Summary Available

Our annual summary of the climate of Alaska in 2015 is now available.


The mean average annual temperature in 2015 for the first order stations was 35.3°F, a substantial positive departure of 2.7°F from the 30-year normal of 32.6°F. This is a continuation of the warm temperatures from 2014, which had a mean temperature 0.2°F higher than 2015.


January 2016 Summaries Available

Our summaries for January 2016 are now available.

January 2016 is the fourth month in a row where temperatures were above normal. The monthly mean temperature of all First Order Stations was 22.3°F, 10.9°F above the normal of 11.4°F. This is 7.3°F above the January 2015 mean of 15.0°F... Read more

Our nine cities summary is available here.

December 2015 Summaries Available

Our summaries for a varied December are now available.

Like October and November, temperatures were above normal this December across much of the state... Read more

Our Nine Cities summary is available here.

November 2015 Summaries Available

Our monthly climate summaries for November 2015 are now available.

Like October, temperatures were decidedly above normal this November both across the state and throughout much of the month... Read more

Our nine cities summary is available here.


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