February 2013 Statewide Summary

Warmer than normal temperature from January continued across much of the state for February 2013...

January 2013 Statewide Summary

In a complete reversal from December 2012, January 2013 temperatures were decidedly above normal across the entire state with all twenty first order stations reporting above expected mean temperatures...

December 2012 Statewide Summary

Much like November, colder than normal temperatures were the norm for Alaska, with all twenty first-order stations reporting temperatures below the expected values.

Climatology of Alaskan Wildfires with Special Emphasis on the Extreme Year of 2004

Wildfires are a common experience in Alaska where, on average, 3,775 km2 burn annually. More than 90% of the area consumed occurs in Interior Alaska, where the summers are relatively warm and dry, and the vegetation consists predominantly of spruce, birch, and cottonwood.

Changes in the Climate of the Alaskan North Slope and the Ice Concentration in the Adjacent Beaufort Sea

A reliable data set of Arctic sea ice concentration based on satellite observations exists since 1972. Over this time period of 36 years western arctic temperatures have increased; the temperature rise varies significantly from one season to another and over multi-year time scales.


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