Juneau August 2011

InJuneau , the average temperature was 53.1°F, markedly (-2.8°F) below normal for August. It is notable that both the maximum temperature (66°F) and the minimum temperature (40°F) for the month occurred on the same day, the 13thof August.

Anchorage August 2011

Anchorage recorded an average temperature of 54.9°F, 1.8°F below normal. During the whole month of August, the temperature never reached 70°F the highest temperature occurred on the 16that 68°F and the low of 41°F was observed on the 28th. No temperature records were set during the month, and the observed temperatures followed fairly closely the expected values.

Big Delta August 2011

Big Deltareported a mean temperature of 53.6°F, which is 1.2°F below the long-term mean temperature for August. The high temperature of the month was observed on the 4thwith 70°F and the low temperatures for the month occurred on 8that only 34°F. While this latter value came close to the absolute minimum of 33°F observed in 1969, no new extreme temperatures were observed during this month.

Precipitation totaled 1.44", 24% below the expected amount. Just as for temperatures, no new precipitations records were set.

Fairbanks August 2011

InFairbanks the average temperature was 57.2°F, 1.1°F above the long term mean for August. The high temperature for the month was 76°F on the 4thof August, while the lowest temperature of 40°F was observed on the 8thof the month. In general it was found that the whole month was close to normal and no new daily records, be it maxima or minima, were observed during August.

Kodiak January 2012

Kodiak's average temperature of 21.4°F in January was 9.1°F below the long-term mean. This is a substantial deviation, but comparable with most of the rest of Alaska for the month. It is also the third coldest January ever measured in Kodiak. The highest temperature measured 50°F on the 10th, while the low temperature of -5°F occurred both on the 23rdand on the 27thof the month. Remarkable were the strong temperature variation, with new daily maxima around the 10thand new daily minima around the 25thof the month.


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