Barrow January 2012

Barrow reported an average temperature in January of -20.6°F, a strong -7.2°F below normal. The maximum temperature occurred on the 18thwith 7°F, and the lowest temperature of -45°F was observed on 23rd, 30thand 31st. In general, the temperatures during the most of the month were below normal, particularly pronounced for the last 10 days. No new temperature records were recorded during January.

Ketchikan January 2012

Ketchikan's average temperature of 32.0°F in January was 2.9°F below the long-term mean. Compared with most of the rest of Alaska, this is a relatively small deviation, as Alaska was, across the whole state, significantly below normal for January. The highest temperature of the month measured 49°F on the 4th, while the low temperature of -2°F occurred on the 19thof the month. Worth noting was the short but deep cold spell shortly after the middle of the month.

Juneau January 2012

In Juneau , the average temperature was 26.9°F, somewhat (1.4°F) below normal for January. The maximum temperatures for the month (42°F) occurred on the 7thand 8thand the minimum temperature of 2°F occurred on the 17th.

Anchorage January 2012

Anchorage recorded an average temperature of 2.5°F, strongly below the normal of 17.1°F. The maximum temperature of the month occurred on the 11thwith 38°F, while a minimum temperature of -13°F was observed on the 29th. The observed temperatures were below normal for most of the month (with the exception of a warm spell around the 10thof January), and resulted in the fourth coldest January on record no new daily records were set.

Big Delta January 2012

Big Delta reported a mean temperature of -21.4°F in January 2012, which is a very substantial 20.4°F below the long-term mean temperature. The high temperature of the month was observed on the 11that 14°F, while the low temperatures occurred on the 29thwith -50°F. In general, the daily temperature trace is similar to Fairbanks, however, extreme low temperature occurred less frequently, and only on 6 days were temperatures of -40°F or below recorded.


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