Fairbanks February 2012

InFairbanks the average temperature was +5.9°F, a substantial 7.2°F above the long term mean for February. It was the warmest February in ten years. It is remarkable that the February temperature was more than 30°F warmer than in January, further demonstrating that January was an unusually cold month. The high temperature for the month was 31°F on the 5thof February, while the lowest temperature was ‑35°F observed on the 1stof the month. For most of the month, the temperatures were above normal with the exception of the first four days and the last day of the month.

Kodiak March 2012

Kodiak's average temperature of 25.9°F in March was substantially below normal with a negative deviation of 6.9°F, and was colder than the previous month. With the exception of the last week, temperatures were below normal. The highest temperature measured was 46°F on the 30th, while the low temperature of 7°F occurred on the 3rd. No new temperature records were set for the month.

King Salmon March 2012

King Salmon reported an average temperature of 9.4°F, an astounding 14.7°F below the long-term mean of 24.1°F. The high temperature was 45°F on 29thof March, while the low temperature, a chilly -27°F occurred on the 4th. This was also a new record low for this day, surpassing the old record low of 1971 of -23°F. Two other record low days were observed in March. On the 18th, -21°F was recorded, surpassing the value of -20°F set in 1966 and on the 20thof March, -26°F was measured, where the old record low had been -21°F, set in 1966.

Nome March 2012

Nome reported a mean monthly temperature in March of 0.5°F, a substantial negative deviation of 9.8°F from the long term mean. The warmest monthly temperature was 34°F observed on the 29thof March. It was also the only day of the month when the temperature surpassed the freezing point. The coldest temperature occurred on the 11thwith an unpleasant -25°F.

Barrow March 2012

Barrow reported an average temperature of -21.6°F in March, 8.9°F below normal. All of the month was seasonally below normal, with the exception of 2 days (the 11thand 12th), when strong westerly flow advected warm air. On the 11th, the maximum temperature was reported at 3°F, while the lowest temperature of -35°F was observed on the 5thof March. No new temperature records were observed during the month.


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