Big Delta January 2012

Big Delta reported a mean temperature of -21.4°F in January 2012, which is a very substantial 20.4°F below the long-term mean temperature. The high temperature of the month was observed on the 11that 14°F, while the low temperatures occurred on the 29thwith -50°F. In general, the daily temperature trace is similar to Fairbanks, however, extreme low temperature occurred less frequently, and only on 6 days were temperatures of -40°F or below recorded.

Fairbanks January 2012

In Fairbanks the average temperature was -26.9°F, a very substantial -19.0°F below the long term mean for January. The high temperature for the month was 21°F on the 10thJanuary, while the lowest temperature was a frigid -51°F observed on the 29thof the month. For most of the month the temperatures were below normal, temperatures more commonly observed back in the 1960's. On 16 days of the month the temperature dropped to -40°F or below. For the month, January 2012 was the fifth coldest January on record.

Kodiak February 2012

Kodiak's average temperature of 31.7°F in February was 0.9°F above the long-term mean. The beginning and the end of the month were seasonally colder than normal, while the rest of the month was slightly above normal. The highest temperature measured was 44°F on the 15th, while the low temperature of 6°F occurred on the 3rd. No new temperature records were set for the month.

King Salmon February 2012

King Salmon reported an average temperature of 24.2°F, 5.4°F above to the long- term mean of 18.8°F. The high temperature for February was 42°F, recorded on the 5th, 6th, and 7th, while the low temperature of a chilly -31°F occurred on the 3rd. In general, the 2nd, 3rdand the last three days of the month were uncharacteristically cold, while the rest of the month measured above normal temperatures. No new record temperatures were set for February.

Nome February 2012

Nome reported a mean monthly temperature in February of 9.4°F, a positive deviation of 2.0°F from the long term mean. The warmest monthly temperature was 38°F, observed on the 8thof February, while the coldest temperature was measured on the 1stwith a frigid -39°F. New temperature minima was set on the 2nd, with a minimum of -38°F, surpassing the old minimum of -37°F, that was reached in both 1910 and 1914. The following day, the temperature dropped to ‑37°F, matching the old record from 1947.


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