Juneau September 2011

In Juneau, the average temperature was 48.8°F, somewhat (1.2°F) below normal for September. The maximum temperatures for the month (65°F) occurred on the 12th and the minimum temperature (33°F) occurred on the 25th September. No frost was observed during the month. Precipitation totaled 8.58", which is very close to the normal of 8.33". As might be deduced from the high precipitation amounts in the Southeast Alaska, sky cover was high, with no clear days, 8 partly cloudy days and 22 cloudy days.

Anchorage September 2011

Anchorage recorded an average temperature of 48.8°F, just slightly (0.2°F) above normal. The maximum temperature of the month occurred on the 13th September with 65°F, while a minimum temperature of 32°F was observed on three consecutive days: the 26th, 27th and 28th. No new records were set, and the observed daily temperature ranges followed fairly closely the expected values. Precipitation was reported at 0.78", which represents only 26% of the normal value. Nevertheless, mean monthly cloudiness was high (78%) and during the whole month not a single clear day was observed.

Big Delta September 2011

Big Delta reported a mean temperature of 47.8°F, which is 3.9°F above the long-term mean temperature for September. The high temperature of the month was observed on the 13th at 71°F, surpassing the maximum temperature recorded for August 2011 by 1°F. Furthermore, it was a new maximum daily record for this date, surpassing the old value of 67°F, which occurred both in 1965 and 1956. The low temperatures for the month occurred on the 26th and 29th at 30°F for both days. The 26th was also the first day of frost which is quite late in the season.

Fairbanks September 2011

In Fairbanks the average temperature was 48.9°F, a substantial 4.0°F above the long term mean for September. The high temperature for the month was 72°F on the 5th and 13th, while the lowest temperature of 28°F was observed on the 30th of the month. The 26th was the first day of the month where the temperature dropped below the freezing point, ending the growing season. Even though this is not a new record, it continues the trend of later frosts in fall.

Kodiak October 2011

Kodiak reported for October an average temperature of 41.9°F. The maximum temperature for the month occurred on the 4th with 54°F, while the lowest temperature happened on the 19th with 24°F. The mean monthly temperature was somewhat (1.4°F) above the long-term mean, but temperatures followed fairly closely the expected values. Precipitation was reported as 5.21", about 1/3 below the long-term value. The mean wind speed for the month is 8.2 mph and on the 25th of the month a gust of 63 mph was recorded, the highest value for the month.


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